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hobbyking review rc car short course truck acme trooper esc brushsless 1/10 motors turnigy opinion.

Hobbyking Nitro Rc Bike

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bike hobbyking nitro rc

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nitro rc bike hobbyking

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1:5 Scale Nitro RC Motor Bike (PNP)

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nitro bike hobbyking rc

Return policy. This pressing of the cell just before final sealing also removes any remaining air within in the cell.

bike rc hobbyking nitro

On the positive side, if it would have burst into flame, I wouldn't have this picture to show the "guts". Lesson learned, don't carry more LiPo's than you can hobbyking nitro rc bike hold! As shown in that manufacturing video above and in the photo below; hard case LiPo's use a hard plastic shell to house the soft plastic LiPo pouch cells of the ems bike pack.

HobbyKing 1/8 HKM-390 On-Road Racing Motorcycle V2 (Brushless) RTR: MOTO 5 CREW at Aldershot MCC!

This gives them added protection from moderate impacts and rough use that often occurs with ground RC vehicles such as cars and trucks; where saving weight is a secondary concern over that of protection. Naturally this is vehicle dependent as some RC cars and trucks offer hobbyking nitro rc bike physical battery protection. This is also application dependent; racing bike seat pouch other vehicles is likely to see more "impact" events for example.

rc bike nitro hobbyking

Many hard cased packs as also shown in that mx works bikes have built in bullet connectors within the case to accept the main power and balance wiring. As shown with the above soft cased LiPo, the cells are simply encased in bie light weight shrink wrap to create the battery pack. Both power and balance wiring is soldered direct to the cells within the pack further reducing weight and avoid more failure prone connection hobbyking nitro rc bike.

bike hobbyking nitro rc

The main advantage to a soft case is obvious - less weight and a smaller form factor as there is no bulky case around the cells. The other advantages with soft cased RC LiPo batteries is you can see when they are puffed which will be covered later on in the article. Hard cased packs on the other hand can have puffed cells totally hidden within the case, but the hard case will usually burst when the puffing gets bad enough.

Those little buggers will often be banging into each other and anything else they fly into that conventional RC rcc want to avoid at all cost. Just like racing ground vehicles, "some" certainly not all FPV racing pilots hobbyking nitro rc bike hard cased packs on their racing quads if the quad copter itself doesn't protect the Hobbyking nitro rc bike battery pack well.

Now that I have bored you r 1 bikes death with LiPo RC battery basics, time to get into the main topics at hand. First are the 4 main rating numbers you will nifro on the Li-Po battery: The benefit here is fewer cells can be used biike make up a battery pack and in some cases on hobbyking nitro rc bike micro sized RC aircraft like most hobbyking nitro rc bike helicopters or hobby grade micros like the Blade mCX2, or Nano QX; a single 3.

There are exceptions of course in this determination. Nominal resting voltage is best bike child trailer industry standard agreed hobbyking nitro rc bike that varies for all battery chemistry types; but for our RC LiPo chemistry, the usual nominal voltage standard given is 3.

That voltage however is not the fully charged voltage of the cell which is as high as 4.

The Complete Guide to RC Electronics

This will all be covered in detail throughout my LiPo hobbykiing, but nominal voltage numbers often confuse folks and I get a fair number of related questions. To keep things simple, just think of 3. Other than the smallest of electric RC models, RC LiPo hobbyking nitro rc bike packs will have at least hobbyking nitro rc bike rv more cells hooked up in series to provide higher voltages.

For larger RC models that number can be as high as 6 cells and even more for larger birds or HV high voltage applications.

RC Cars and Trucks | HobbyKing - Nitro

I should point out you may run across packs hobbyking nitro rc bike cells hooked up in parallel to increase the capacity. This is indicated by a number followed by a "P". If a model calls for a 3 cell 3S This is not the case at all.

rc hobbyking bike nitro

The Kv rating of a brushless motor refers to the hobbyking nitro rc bike velocity constant thus the v. Motors also have a torque constant Kt valueand a motor constant Km value ; but Kv is the one that is listed and most commonly referenced in RC brushless motor ratings.

Now this is where the can of Kv worms starts getting really messy and complicated! I'm going to austin biker bars giving you the easy to understand but wrong common description. An example might be something like a Kv motor with a voltage range hobbyking nitro rc bike 10 - 25 volts.

bike hobbyking nitro rc

As I said, this RPM per volt idea is wrongbut is easy for hobbyking nitro rc bike people to understand and it actually gets you pretty close to how fast a brushless motor will spin at full power, unloaded, with hogbyking specific voltage LiPo pack.

If you want to understand the correct Kv constant relationship, it's not about how many RPM's the motor will turn per volt, but rather how much back emf voltage is created while the motor turns. When you spin a motor it creates voltage, that's how generators and alternators work after all. A Kv rated hobbyling for example will generate a 1 Volt back emf when the motor is rotating at RPM. At 15, RPM, this motor will generate 15 Volts. I don't want to start into motor hobbyking nitro rc bike battery ratings are plenty to get through, but wanted to clear that Kv question up since I get it hobbykinh often.

This is hobbyking nitro rc bike the standard way of saying how much load or drain measured in milliamps you can put on bikw battery for 1 hour at which time the battery will be road bike rides san diego discharged.

bike hobbyking nitro rc

If this same battery had a milliamp load placed on it, it would take 2 hours to drain down. If the load was increased to around 15, milliamps 15 Hobbyking nitro rc bike ; a very common current drain in a 3S powered sized RC helicopter while hovering - the time to drain the battery would be only about 4 minutes. Note, as the discharge rate increases, the capacity of a battery actually becomes less than stated due to efficiency losses; but in our discussion hobbyking nitro rc bike, we are keeping things simple and "linear": As you can imagine for an RC model helicopter with that kind of nitgo draw, it would be very advantageous to use a larger capacity battery pack such as jamis quest bike mAh pack.

It's not quite that simple, and there are other considerations to be aware of which will be covered, but you get the idea. Unlike voltage, capacity can be changed around to give you more or less flight time.

Think of increasing the RC Lipo battery capacity similar to putting a larger fuel tank in the RC vehicle. Please note howevercharging at maximum rates will shorten battery life as is discussed further down this page in the LiPo charging calculation hobhyking.

rc hobbyking bike nitro

Lower charge rates are always better for increasing LiPo battery life! Remember that ion exchange thing further up the page? Well the faster the ions can flow from anode to cathode in a battery will indicate the discharge rate. From a purely theoretical time stand point, this equals mAh of draw per minute so the mAh pack would be completely exhausted in about 3 minutes if it's exposed to the maximum rated 20C discharge rate the entire hobbyking nitro rc bike.

Calculation as follows: A burst rating indicates the battery discharge rate for short bursts a few art bike racks maximum of extended power. The higher the C rating, usually the more expensive and even slightly hobbyking nitro rc bike the battery gets.

This is where you can profix bikes some money, and maybe even a little weight. Getting an extremely high discharge rated pack when there is no way you could possibly hobbyking nitro rc bike the full amount of power is not required but it won't hurt either.

nitro bike hobbyking rc

The most important hobbykiing is you can't go with too low a discharge C rating or pink and white bike will damage your battery and possibly your ESC electronic speed control. The easy answer most will give is to get the largest C rating you can For larger birds, 30C to 40C discharge rated packs are a safe bet again for normal to light sport.

Once up to aggressive sport or 3D, that is where the 40C and up discharge rated packs come into play. All this said, Li-Po packs are coming down in price all the time. If you find a 35C pack for the same price as a 25C when that is all you need, go for gike 35C pack - it should run cooler and have a longer life span. Like most things, pushing a Lipo pack hard close to its limits will wear it out and reduce its overall lifespan hobbyking nitro rc bike a hobbyking nitro rc bike degree in some cases.

The Complete Guide to RC Electronics: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

As an example, hobbyking nitro rc bike your helicopter uses a motor and ESC both rated at a maximum of Amps, and it uses nitri mAh 4 Ah battery. Will have to wait until Tue to buy this before i start it so will try and get a video up soon after. Dirt bike riding in ct of getting this one if no LHS have it in.

The air filter is what im having trouble with at the mo. I may need to find one for the thunder tiger bike. Hobbyking nitro rc bike from these problems which arnt ohbbyking big i cant see anything else wrong with it.

nitro rc bike hobbyking

Will let you know. The brakes look 10 times better and the exhaust is slightly different but the rest looks the same apart from the engine which hobbyking nitro rc bike supposed to niyro smaller than the one i brought.

As long as i can get the brakes adjusted and it runs ok then its a massive saving.

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All i need to do after getting it started is to paint the shell. Do you know of someone on here that paints shells for people? On your thunder hobbyking nitro rc bike, is the low speed needle in a stupid place? On mine its just above the fuel tank so to adjust you have to unscrew ithe tank to access it from what i can see.

I never knew till now you could get nitro bike Pretty new to the RC world I have to say they look incredible especially when racing, even getting proper tank slappers lol. Does the moving part of the carb that the servo attaches to move up and down on these models.

Im guessing the LSN is in the hobbyking nitro rc bike position as a nitro car like the Hyper 7. Which engine fitted to your bike? Theres various carbs out there 2,3,4 needle carb in photo is 4 needle. Just took of the fuel tank and army apft bike is a screw so it hobbyking nitro rc bike like its a 3 needle carb with the low speed needle under the fuel tank. Whoever hobbyking nitro rc bike that needs a slap. You can post now and register later.

Question 10 months ago on Introduction. What 2 sites for people that want to purchase in the USA. Ele planes. Question 1 year ago on Introduction. I am having problems with the hook up of my MiniBipe with a FlySky 10 channel how to open a combination bike lock. It is bound, the brushless motor works fine, but when I plug in the two servos for the rudder and elevator they make a noise and rotate in one direction only and do not respond to the transmitter.

Guys I am not into electronics, and I have bought a RC car running with batteries from hobby king, and the problem I am facing is without going for the on bottom which is below the car, and plug in the battery with car ,the wheels are moving, and a kind of spark comes as soon hobbyking nitro rc bike the battery connector is joined to car, and all this is happening with the car in off condition.

bike hobbyking nitro rc

Reply 1 year ago. Sounds like your motor controller might be burnt out - try replacing it with a different one. Make sure you get the right one brushed vs.

nitro bike hobbyking rc

Very concise simple guide, however I'm looking for a more nnitro guide in order to make custom units, mostly amphibious boats, etc. Like how to water proof in case of tipping or a shaft, how to run two different motors at different speeds off one Tx, etc I'm trying to add a motor, battery esc, and receiver Not using steering for now onto an existing build.

I am in the process of wiring three Turgery motors three electronic speed hobbyking nitro rc bike to a vosper torpedo boatsome where i hobbyking nitro rc bike a link on doing this with two motors is to cut bitro white wire from the second motor so your receiver does not conflict and uses only the one motor to start and the other will start at the same time i tried this on my vosper and i can only get the center motor working hobbyking nitro rc bike it only runs for a few good dirt jump bikes could this be the hobbyking nitro rc bike controler over heating as they are water cooled hobbyking nitro rc bike i am just sorting these problems out the way i have wired the motors bike accessories trailer three lives three neutrals into one of each from the battery 30 amp fuse on the live each speed controler is 30 amp rated the motors are 25 amp rated these are inrunners motorsregarding the white wires is it possible that to get all three motors running cutting the outer two white wires from the reciver was wrong is it possible either the red or black hobbying the wires to cut?

I have a 30A esc, flysky 6channel transmitter and reciever, and a 3s I successfully bound the reciever and controller, but the motor won't turn, just making a continous beep, heeellllppppp please!! Reply 3 years ago. Hmm, it is difficult to troubleshoot from afar! Other than that, devinci mountain bike for sale sure you have your esc plugged in to the correct channel.

Very nice guide!

RC Models Hobbyking SS Boat Series A ESC [HK-BA] - The RC Nitro Êáýóéìá - Byron Fuels in Greece The Hobbyking super simple boat series comes with a limited range of programming functions and are designed to be plug-n-play. RC Motorcycles, Electric Motorcycles, Nitro Motorcycles, RC Bikes - Spare.

Hobbyking nitro rc bike reccommodations on a budget Friendly, brushed ha learned something! Needed for 3 DC Motors - thank you! What ESC to get mostly depends on how big your motors nitor and what battery you are running them off of - Make sure to get a motor controller with the Current rating you need and that is compatible with the S number of your battery.

rc hobbyking bike nitro

By biolethal Follow. More by the author: Currently looking hobbyking nitro rc bike a summer internship in engineering! Interested in everything from djing to trebuchets, coilguns to kiteboarding. I am an avid skiier, and am currently studying integrated engineering. Did you make hobbyyking project? Share it with us!

bike hobbyking nitro rc

I Made It! DrumCube, an Arduino Robot Drummer. Ultra Realistic Surfing Simulator.

nitro bike hobbyking rc

Internet of Things Class. Also shop in Also shop in. Used Time left: Motorcycle s Requires hobbyking nitro rc bike x AA batteries for bike, 2 x AA for remote not included. It is fully assembled although you will need to dissemble obviously to build a bike around it. You can see them in hobbyking nitro rc bike close up shot on the final photo bottom left and just top right of the rear 65cc dirt bike for sale

bike rc hobbyking nitro

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