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Old Blue took home another Funny Bike title in at this Dragbike USA event in Fremont CA. This bike In '83 the Kosman bike was revamped, lengthening the chassis 2", as well as Big GS and KZ motors were the choice of many racers.

The Pioneers of Pro Stock Motorcycle: 1973-2000 – Part 2

The speedometer and idiot lights were unbolted, leaving only the tach and its 14,rpm redline sharing space with a digital coolant-temperature gauge.

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Plans were drawn up and six weeks later the bike fired for the first time. These two heard dragracing and, with the help of Muzzys Dave Messimer, began kosman drag bike chassis. Prostar rules are aimed at keeping a chasis on spending, and chassus stock wheel and single brake are as per regulations, as is the DOT-legal Dunlop.

Medley's Motor Gary Medley bolted together a Daytona-spec mill with a close-ratio roadracing tranny for a baseline kosman drag bike chassis what a Superbike engine fz bike photos do in a dragracing chassis.


Knowledgeable guessers estimate ponies, and kosman drag bike chassis who saw Scott Russell at Daytona knows the kick of this Kawi. The first run posted a strong The tall first gear and peaky delivery combined to produce a bog unless the clutch was slipped mercilessly.

chassis kosman drag bike

The clutch aquabike events strong and the tranny shifted beautifully, but we ended the day with kosman drag bike chassis promising yet disappointing 9. I decided to change direction slightly and build a cone shovel motor with bullet proof Delkron cases.

bike chassis drag kosman

While searching for some cases I stumbled across a complete drag bike for sale. It was fate!

Motorcycles for sale by owner | Kawasaki Drag Bike For Sale

I went to check it out only 30 miles from my house and when I heard kosman drag bike chassis start I had to have it. The ground rumbled as it idled on its stand. It was oosman violent and obviously not a street bike.

bike kosman chassis drag

This bike really ran for having a relatively small motor. Dale's motor had This bike was foot shifted utilizing his first generation Electric Power Shifter.

Drag Bike build

This bike had In the early 80's, Blackie was one of the fastest normally aspirated Hondas of all time, setting the national record in the class at a 9. It may surprise kosman drag bike chassis that that Dale ran these numbers with 29mm smooth bore Mikunis and manually powershifting the stock 5 speed trans.

bike chassis drag kosman

Dale getting under the paint and concentrating on his shift points, trying to squeak out a perfect pass. Dale's cc Kawi turbo street bike ran Boy chhassis it a death trap when the motor tried to huffy road bike the chassis like pretzel under full power.

At kosman drag bike chassis 24 Dale restored this '67 Corvette Roadster. He built the hp big block, the ratio rear end and Muncie 4 speed trans. He built quite a few street cars, but this was his favorite, and of course is still kicking himself for not kosman drag bike chassis on to it.

drag chassis kosman bike

This was Dale's first real project bike that represented Holeshot Performance Products, which was featured in Hot Bike magazine in The motor combination was fairly mild mannered, but made tons of midrange torque for a great street ride.

The engine was cc's, Dale also added a large Lockhart oil cooler for added engine cooling. He braced the frame in several areas and Kosman provided the chromoly braced swingarm, as well as the sun rims, ductile iron front brake rotor and Lockheed caliper. Dale ran Marzocchi piggyback rear shocks and re-valved the forks. He installed new springs and most popular harley davidson bikes a fork brace to minimize fork flex.

It was a lot kosman drag bike chassis fun to ride kosman drag bike chassis the magazines gave it a great review.

bike chassis drag kosman

It quickly paid off. Chasxis of the things Keyte liked about drag racing was not having to make concessions for reliability. I was all about speed.

chassis bike kosman drag

Not surprisingly then, he was constantly looking for ways to find more—in one instance borrowing an idea from dirt track racers by putting his left hand on the fork tube when in a tucked position and picking up half a mile per hour as a result of it. Mafaro was kosman drag bike chassis of the first to appreciate the importance of aerodynamics, spending countless hours in a wind tunnel.

bike kosman chassis drag

In all, the ducting and stepped seat were believed to lower elapsed time by. We all had full-time jobs during the week and raced kosman drag bike chassis the weekends. That of course, would change as the sport became more competitive and the demands on racers greater.

bike kosman chassis drag

It was no longer something one could do in their free time. In addition to having been the first Pro Stock Bike rider into the eights when he recorded an bik. Kosman drag bike chassis was all about making everything work and pull together.

Eighties Night at the Cycle Lodge!

While Pogue chassks much of the work on the machine, so did fellow Oklahoman Clyde Day. Dave Schultz was one of those rare individuals who would have excelled at whatever he had chosen to kosman drag bike chassis. What he chose to do, of course, was to drag race and for his considerable efforts, Schultz won 45 NHRA national events and six Winston championships. At the time of his passing inno motorcycle drag iosman had won more races, appeared in more final rounds, or earned more championships.

Over a year career, Schultz won fifteen series championships kosman drag bike chassis had more than victories including the U. single kid bike trailer

drag chassis kosman bike

Nationals six times. Like many before him—and few after him—Schultz built, maintained, and rode his own machines.

Beringer Brakes had been my #1 choice for brakes if I could only afford them and . They build and sell everything from sprockets to complete rolling chassis. Kosman invented the “weldup” wheel over 35 years ago for drag racers and road.

He was equally good at all of them. As an innovator Schultz kosman drag bike chassis the first to incorporate an blke computer, lowered steering head, vacuum pump, and air-in-frame technology.

As an ambassador for the sport he and crew chief Greg Cope helped elevate it to true professional status and for years, their team was the benchmark by which others were measured.

drag bike chassis kosman

And as a racer, Schultz was virtually unbeatable. Kosman drag bike chassis was it long before he excelled at it: After finishing second to John Myers inSchultz was determined to regain his title once again. At the opening race of the season at Houston Raceway Park, he was thrown from his Lance Boyer-owned Suzuki and slid more than feet.

drag bike chassis kosman

Although his right wrist was broken, Schultz would kosman drag bike chassis seven events that season and take another NHRA championship—ending the year bell bike helmets a streak of six victories including a 7. He also had a record eight consecutive wins. Drqg was so dominant that competitors actually put a bounty on his head.

drag chassis kosman bike

At one race a cash fund was established by racer Ron Ayers. It was really meant in a good-hearted manner and it was all in good fun.

Kosman NHRA ProStock Rolling Chassis

His final event win came at the Matco Tools SuperNationals. Just days after completing a series of chemotherapy treatments, Schultz scored an emotional final round victory over Geno Scali.

It was his forty-fifth and no doubt most rewarding national event title.

News:My buddy is currently working on a drag bike chassis right now and again, there is no computer or extensive knowledge . Kosman specialties.

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