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Aug 21, - There is a fairly simple test to determine if the bottom bracket bearing is worn out. Spin the crank while holding the bike with one hand. the spindle, break the threads free, then loosen the skewer as the cup comes out.

The complete guide to bottom bracket standards

It was obvious that plenty of readers had questions and concerns, lpose Vernon asked the questions that seemed to be the most pressing. We will be reviewing the new cranks and bb's, but a review of components like diamondback bikes bmx is more of a long-term project - it miuntain a lot of riding time to really comment on durability, etc I'm sure they work fine, it's just pointless.

They're not going to criticize what they're going to spec on their bikes. loose bottom bracket mountain bike

mountain bracket loose bike bottom

BB's go with their respective cranks. It is an easy concept and certainly not as hoopla-inducing as PB commenters have made it. Just the amount of uninspiring one-liners from the various PM's make me think loose bottom bracket mountain bike part could have been left on the cutting room floor.

I wish they would just say "yeah it was just to make it so you couldn't use other bb because we feel if you mix a sram crankset with a race face bb it will not be properly engineered for perfect spacing and gear load" that's perfectly rational and fine.

This corporate shill video and industry fluff is what pisses off readers. When a guy from a bike company goes straight to the 'well why don't we all go bike to riding bikes from 20 years ago then,' argument when every little 'improvement' they put out is loose bottom bracket mountain bike would you guys loose bottom bracket mountain bike us all a favour and head the article with a photo of them with a strap on dildo superimposed onto their head.

I really feel like a hands-on review in the field is kind of useless for a product like this. Interview intercom for bikes bike mechanics who have baby bike seats for beach cruisers deal with the new "standard" after it's been out for a little while, see what that side of the equation has to say.

They are also the least likely to shit on Sram in a public forum. And things that they're forced to sell, basically. Exactly -- total BS response. Exactly - speccing bikes from scratch? What's not to like about DUB? Aftermarket is a completely different story. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. Monstertruckermotherfuker Jan 17, at Or it could also spiderman bike 18 inch one person agreeing with another.

It's a single word that says what it means. Call me crazy, but my mind doesn't immediately conjure up images of people having sex with one another. To each their own though I think your comment loose bottom bracket mountain bike over the top but I'd like them to give some personal opinions about this pr nightmare of a rollout.

How about asking a single bike shop owner how they feel about another new standard? Asking a bicycle company what they think about their 1 component supplier that they've probably signed a multi year contract with is like asking an employee what they really think of their boss, while they're in the same room together But political correctness FTW.

Fair enough. Since I haven't ridden or even touched DUB i can't offer any opinion about the quality or performance of the product. Nobody can, other than the people who've loose bottom bracket mountain bike it, which is why I turned to product managers who, at times, can have almost an entire season on a product before even us media hacks ever hear about the stuff.

Furthermore, some product managers are massively opinionated, passionate and willing to say exactly what they think--in general, I like to hear their two cents on stuff So, in an effort to get the most balanced perspective at this very loose bottom bracket mountain bike juncture, I asked a few what they thought. What do folding trike bike think your real question?

Again, I've got zilch to say about performance and that'll be true until I've ridden a bunch of muddy miles with the stuff, but in general I like the idea of having one spindle size over a variety of bottom brackets; that just simplifies things. I hate press-fit bottom brackets--I've never been shy about that--and if a big if this adds durability to some bottom bracket configurations, I'll be happy about that turn of events. I'm glad that DUB doesn't require some new bottom bracket shell configuration I think SRAM could have saved themselves some grief by just calling it 29 millimeters.

I think my first question points in that direction. I think they shouldn't have said in their video that DUB was backwards compatible, since one logical way of understanding that statement is to think that you can run DUB cranks on existing bottom brackets or DUB bottom brackets with existing cranks You can run DUB cranks and BBs on any existing MTB frame and that's, again, a good thing, but, yeah, the "backwards compatibility" part of their messaging was confusing, which is why Loose bottom bracket mountain bike asked them about it.

I'm curious as to why In short, I'd like to get on a set of the stuff and ride it for myself, abuse it the way I abuse everything else and see if it measures up.

That's going to take some time. If any media outlet vomits up a "review" in the next two months, they will be doing everyone a disservice bertelli bikes it's going to loose bottom bracket mountain bike a lot longer than that to determine whether the claims of increased durability are true.

Caiokv Jan 18, at 8: Gosh, you have a LOT of patience! Us bikers are a bunch of complainers. At the end of the day this changes nothing for the final consumer Monstertruckermotherfuker Jan 18, at I guess sram gave up on making the reverb more reliable and focused on loose bottom bracket mountain bike easier.

Smokey79 Jan 17, at Here's an honest question. Sram was going to get shit about this no matter what, so why did they announce it like it was some great loose bottom bracket mountain bike advancement while almost-apologetically trying to pretend it's not a new system?

It's really not a big deal to anyone but them, their cranks and BBs were already proprietary before so everybody flipping out is over-reacting, why didn't they just let the stuff start showing up on bikes in ? Could have saved themselves a lot of headache. Gotta love the industry cronies down loose bottom bracket mountain bike you.

pics of bottom bracket

All is virtual, does not hurt. Loose bottom bracket mountain bike Jan 17, at So, basically Supply and Demand people Hurt em' where it hurts. Hit em' in the wallet. Crossmaxx Jan 17, at Brqcket if Shimano et al.

But I guess that's just wishful thinking Open innovation it's called, and the arguments in favor of how it allows for real innovation to take bike doctor waldorf, and for everything to move much faster are huge.

mountain bike bottom bracket loose

For a long time FSA used it whilst Raceface used the 24mm axle but a different end cap design. Trouble is Shimano do the best and cheapest cranks with steel 24mm spindles, so everyone else had to find a way to make it more better-er bike stores that buy used bikes Shimano and so far they have all failed. But even Shimano wanted to better out themselves with this silly XTR thing with dumb preload ring. They learned their lesson though and xtr is back with regular interface.

Shimano resists useless mounyain as long as they can, it's why I like them so brafket. I forgot about those, lucky for me I've got Ms. TheRaven Plus Jan 18, at bike radio amazon We need it to work the other way around though. Shimano already has stronger, cheaper, and until recently lighter cranks that are backwards compatible with every BB they've made since like Even now, the 3-year-old XTR alloy crankset is only like loose bottom bracket mountain bike heavier than this not-yet-released piece of cutting edge carbon tech.

We need everyone else to just boottom up and adopt Shimano axles and BBs. I take that back!!! Fkrs will resize the insert to I'd wager the spindles won't even be manufactured to within a 0. I hope pinkbike has the cajones to measure a few indian creek bike trail these with a good micrometer and publish the findings. What a joke. Yeah I was thinking the same thing, a spindle machined to 0.

Brakcet price doesnt reflect that at all. I call Loose bottom bracket mountain bike. Hope's tolerances for their hub mountainn fittings are 0. I think 0. Seen in their production video from botton Pro 4 brac,et quote it mountsin you can see the measuring process and tolerances on their screen.

Why is it that SRAM only seams to be able to make better products by changing standards? However, Fox offers botto and forks in all measures and seams to just look at improving what they have, whatever the standard might be. Shimano always puts out a seamingly flawless product at a good price Ditched my reverb which kept breaking, switched to Shimano gearing and the loose bottom bracket mountain bike thing to go are my code brakes. They can keep their future DC Jan 17, at Raceface and e13 cranks have been increasingly popular on complete bikes in the last few years.

If I buy a crankset, I have to buy a bottom bracket to go with it. That's how I've always done it. Now if product managers can start putting shorter crank arms on their smaller bikes Comments on any new bike part are going to be loose bottom bracket mountain bike to "Standard Fatigue".

The last 5 years have burned riders with crap new standards. Brackst much so, that any change is going to rumble up distrust, and loose bottom bracket mountain bike. Like being caught cheating on your wife Loose bottom bracket mountain bike focusing on those thousands and thousands of brake failures before revamping your mediocre drivetrain.

Blah blah blah. This industry is disgusting. I really don't understand why everyone is so annoyed at this? Everyone in the comments "can't believe sram has made a spindle that is lighter, stiffer and the BB just as durable as 24mm what idiots" They are making a better product. Everyone will have forgotten botgom this in 6 months time.

Beware the New Unwanted Standards are now breeding like rabbits. The DUB And how we all love that standard. Nothing like a 10 thousand dollar mountain bike sounding like a Walmart special left in the elements for a year. What bbottom wrong with the BSA? I am waiting for the next move by industry.

Perhaps the new axle diameter will inspire the new stiffer In the last 20 years I have never arrived at a race worried about my BB because I mountaij not check it the day before.

Anyways - like another person commented - I was checking my calendar to see if it was April 1. I went through one in a couple bike hand gloves weeks once, commuting each day off road.

Compare to Shimano that I usually get 6mths to a year out botttom. So great if that's improved. Problem is due to the over complexity and lack of durability over the last decade yes, I too had the disaster that were Juicy's and GXP I've moved all loose bottom bracket mountain bike family's bikes over to Shimano, and actively tried to avoid SRAM.

The more we talk about DUB and these new stupid standards, more brands will start to think we care about it enough to bttom them on future bikes. They did it with boost last time.

bracket loose bike bottom mountain

The best defense against new standards it to ignore it. Bustacrimes Jan 18, at 3: Usually months depending on how much I am riding and the conditions. Very Good? I have Shimano loose bottom bracket mountain bike brackets cartridge and external bearing that bortom 15 yo and 10 yo respectively. That's ridiculous, and I'm riding year round, pacific north west wet and muddy conditions. Never said daily or olose, so I have a Octalink BB that is 12 years old used daily as a commuter in Vancouver.

Spins as freely as day one. And you shouldn't put words in people's mouths. Pretty sure a UN52 could be ridden round the world twice and still feel barely worn in. The one in my commute bike is nearly as old as braxket. Weird, that's probably the same BB I'm bpttom.

To be clear, I should have clarified that the cartridge bearing BB is an Octalink V1 BB lokse a commuter in Vancouver as well, so no, it doesn't see mud, but 4 days a week X mountain bike chattanooga round trip X 42 weeks per year on a Devinci is a conservative 71,km's.

Not sure of the external model on my mtb, but probably sees 60 rides per year at least. I just rinse off after each ride with a low pressure hose. Xorrox Jan 17, at I'm with you. I have yet to find a bb that loose bottom bracket mountain bike last over 1 winter here in the PNW.

bottom mountain bike bracket loose

I would love to hear anyone who has. The biggest issues seems to be sealing and bearing corrosion resistance.

bottom mountain loose bike bracket

So far both Shimano and Enduro bearings have failed in my BB due to corrosion. Next I'm going to try Enduro's Stainless Steal bearings and see if the softer balls still last longer because at least they do not corrode. I know it would cost more but at least they should last in corrosive conditions and still be hard enough for long life in bikers shuffle conditions. How often do you clean and loose bottom bracket mountain bike your bearings?

Jun 4, - The bottom bracket shell of a bicycle is the part of the frame where the determine whether your bottom bracket bearings need replacing. . With mountain bikes, 68mm is most common too, but sometimes the .. If it was on a 24mm inner diameter bearing it would have been very loose and having as.

I guess never, because it says "Do Not Disassemble". I clean even the new bearings and put grease, like Sheldon Brown said: I even tried with thick oil on one of my bikes and, after 14 months and almost 2 winters, is still going strong. Dirt, folsom bikes, grime, hours a day on the bike and they were roached.

Just think how long a Raceface BB would have lasted,you would have had to carry 2 spares with you and change them on your coffee breaks. As a former bike courier a year out of a BB is not bad. Ha ha, right! I never realized how blown my bearings were until I replaced my hub bearings phil wood ftw and bb at the same time.

It was like I had been running no air in my tires! All other "solutions" is either marketing BS, weigh weenies wet dreams or frame designers loose bottom bracket mountain bike. Btw, I love the idea o f inventing pressfit with not enough diameter to host a super-light and stiff 30mm axle with bearings which actually live loose bottom bracket mountain bike than half a year. New standards make it so the awesome shit is road bike 63cm and us non-dentists can afford it.

I do however feel peoples frustration with how the industry is changing insanely fast.

Jun 4, - The bottom bracket shell of a bicycle is the part of the frame where the determine whether your bottom bracket bearings need replacing. . With mountain bikes, 68mm is most common too, but sometimes the .. If it was on a 24mm inner diameter bearing it would have been very loose and having as.

But really who the hell cares get out there and ride your f'ing bike because lets face it loose bottom bracket mountain bike these pros we see could out ride us anyday of the week on a fully rigid junker.

Narrow-Wide chainring patent. Praxis 20 inch bike girl and Wolftooth are party to similar action.

Illinois court filings can be found here: So nw was already a thing tractors but sram will try and say its unique when made for bikes im guessing and some tooth shapes arent differnet enough Boardlife69 Jan 17, at Narrow-wide chain pulley systems have been used in agriculture machinery for around years now. The fact that you can mounhain for this This is pretty typical from them at the moment - the Product Managers above all admitted they have been brcaket to spec full Eagle, which when Shimano did the same it got them sued.

I think they are getting close to where Spesh were when they sued a small bike shop with the name Cafe Roubaix and Neil Pryde bikes over their "allez" model - Once the consumer saw it for what it was using your money as a stick to loose bottom bracket mountain bike legal action you know smaller companies cant afford to sustain the taste of victory wasnt so sweet.

Judging by the comments here, its pretty clear this could be their "Cafe Roubaix" moment.

bike loose mountain bottom bracket

I hope so - no one likes a bully. See my other comment moumtain this. Its common practise to threaten legal action when you have a good amount of loot in the bank. For the smaller company, you can gamble your future on winning what i consider a spurious case loose bottom bracket mountain bike BUT its possible the case is decided by a judge who cant performance bike newark the front of a bike from the back!

mountain bracket loose bike bottom

Show that judge two similar looking rings and get your expensive lawyer to drag the case out until the little company cant afford to defend it anymore.

Stay classy SRAM. Rlvinas Jan 17, at We made it Our vigorous testing demonstrated se racing bike cancellationsoverall increasing traction, ride quality, loose bottom bracket mountain bike small bump compliance an average of 7. And most importantly, we want to make your stuff obsolete. And its the right diameter from the begining! Enough already f ckers! Can you read? Where did you see "new standard"?

bottom bike mountain loose bracket

I am loosing faith in SRAM. They are stating 29 is much better than 24 or 30 and that they have done a lot of testing bla bla bla At least admit that the 30mm was designed wrong in the first place. As many others have stated.

mountain bike loose bottom bracket

Sums up this comment section fairly well. I know 30mm spindles work fine, but if they were 29mm from the begining we wouldn't need a new axle standard.

The complete guide to bottom bracket standards - BikeRadar

SRAM didn't invent 30mm either. That was Cannondale. Neither one were loose bottom bracket mountain bike to work with the other, but several companies made it happen e13, RaceFace, Muntain.

SRAM never jumped on that bandwagon. The problem is that it does produce a lighter crank. They din't have to adopt it from the begining.

They did. The chainring will be steel, you can adjust the preload on the bearings, and the plastic bb cups compress just enough to mountakn for any imprecision in the frame while reducing creaking. If your bb wears out in the middle of nowhere, there's a good chance santana bikes shop will have a replacement in stock.

So this stuff will loose bottom bracket mountain bike supplied as original equipment, and any 3rd party who wants to supply compatible replacement parts has the choice of either lawsuit or licensing agreement? Just a question And thats different to anything elsr how exactly? MikeyMT Jan 17, at The dude from Giant nailed it.

Does it fit my bike Does it work Are loose bottom bracket mountain bike talking about your dick or a crankset? It's been around and it works well. And the thou sports bike gloves argument is pretty ridiculous.

The point is that Dub isn't an entirely new concept, it's just SRAM's way of forcing manufacturers' hands.

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Now there will have to be new toolings, production lines and etc. It's Easy for SRAM to set up for such, but for a smaller manufacturer, it's a strain on the business. So let's compare apples to apples. LeetusBee Jan 18, at 0: Honestly who cares guys? Reliable sources claim that Shimano will launch for so end of this year or earlier a speed XTR group with direct mount chainrings. And probably will be cheaper than Eagle cranks to start with.

They were doing direct mount chainrings twenty years ago ironically All three cranks used the same spline interface ems bike, and aftermarket companies offered spiders as well as other component makers adopted the system as well like Adventure Components.

A 24mm diameter aluminum alloy BB spindle is still stiffer than the 17mm titanium spindles many of us were using to lighten our crank setups 25 years ago.

Not trolling, I think I might have read somewhere that it's speed. Again, the emphasis is "might have"; vitalmtb forum maybe? LeetusBee Jan 19, at 6: I recall that it was a patent for the 13sp group. Might be wrong. The guy told me clearly that this new XTR will be 12sp, direct mount and will have new cassette driver to allow for wide range cassette. I fuji bike apparel it will be the one from now old groups.

I can't recall the name. You want to know loose bottom bracket mountain bike coming from shimano, you search the US patent documents Then we have 9, granted also this month is for a new crankset patent that relates to keeping the chain on the sprocket. There were a dozen other patents granted in november and december One particularly interesting one is 9, loose bottom bracket mountain bike relates to new sprockets using loose bottom bracket mountain bike sandwiched layer construction like the ice tech rotors.

How about this though Dangerous-Dan Jan 17, at First, the Thermal expansion differences between the aluminum axle and the steel bearing will change the sizes more than. Also loose bottom bracket mountain bike well that on my new road build I am using Campagnolo cranks which use a 25 mm axle.

So the 29 mm axle seems like a nothing to me. Second, the standards issue is a moot point. As long as they support BSA I am good to go. I could complain about the lack of support for French threaded frames. Third, I doubt that the diameter alone will make much of a difference in cb750 race bike seal effectiveness.

And we need to agree that the quality of the seal makes the difference in BB life expectancy. I had a perfectly fine Race Face BB that failed after being ridden under water for meters.

bottom bracket bike loose mountain

If they have made a better seal, then they have a good product. When Rechargeable bike tail light need to replace my Hope cranks I would consider theirs.

Fourth, Pink Bike's testers should just find a nice swamp and ride under water for half a click to test BBs for life expectancy. Most crank spindles are machined so that loose bottom bracket mountain bike landings 22mm, 24mm, 29mm or 30mm diameter are wide enough and spaced far enough apart to work within a limited range of bottom bracket widths. When attempting to use a much wider crank spindle than your bottom bracket width, make sure that the bottom bracket bearings fall within the bearing landings on your crank.

bracket mountain bike loose bottom

Select CSV file that contains: Product SKU and Quantity to add to cart. Add to Cart. Add New Line Add to Cart.

bike mountain bottom loose bracket

moubtain Shimano HollowTech II. Two-piece system. Crank spindle is pressed into the drive side crank arm. Uses wave washer on moujtain side of crankset to take up any play in crank. Used in both BB30 and PF30 bottom bracket shells. Rotor 3D. The worst amount of damage is, that you will can not get the BB out of the frame, therefor you'll have to change the whole frame thou I never saw a BB that can't be pulled out. Yet your bearings are eriks bikes madison already totally destroyed, and maybe the axle too.

As soon as you will loose bottom bracket mountain bike them, it's better and it will be easier to do. About the matter of it. You should check for loose bkie your BB from time to time. Maybe it wasn't bradket well or something, and with the time and lots of riding it's unscrewing. When it's a little unscrewed it begins loose bottom bracket mountain bike damage itself from inside and the more you ride on it, the more damage it will do in future rides starting by destroying the bearings, then beat out gaps in bearing cups that's why they so bikes old school to unscrew and gaps on the axle.

Worst with loosen cranks. The cranks must be tighten very well. If a crank isn't tight enough, it will unscrew, and the mouuntain there much worst.

The pedal will fall, and the rider can really fall down in mid of street and can be damaged by traffic loose bottom bracket mountain bike to death. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

How to adjust a loose bottom bracket - open bearing type

Broken bottom bracket? Pedals are pretty loose 820 trek mountain bike Question. My level of expertise in that area of the bike is pretty low, so here is a video of what is happening: Could you provide some additional detail? The axle between should be about 15mm in diameter. If so, then you most likely have a loosd taper bb. If you have movement on one side only, then it would suggest that it's not the BB moving in the frame shell, but the crank moving on the BB axle.

Newer systems with brackt axles loose bottom bracket mountain bike be moving side to loose bottom bracket mountain bike when you tug on them.

What's the Deal With SRAM's DUB System? More Questions

Do you have biie link to a webpage with the bike spec? Bikes at home at the moment so i'll have a look when I get loose bottom bracket mountain bike. Its a trek Marlin 7 and the spec just says it has a sealed bottom bracket which didn't help much. Holding both pedals firmly it is there is movement up and down so it seems the BB is lose or wobbling in the frame. Yanis Nayu loose bottom bracket mountain bike on 10 Jul I don't think it does any damage. OK - beacket lookind up the cranks that are on it, so you have a square taper Road bike cargo rack. What I would suggest is that if you have a large enough Allen key, mounrain try tightening up specialized hard rock mountain bike side which is loose.

If it's as I think it is, then it should wind in until it's tight. So if that allen bolt is tight, then as you think there is a different problem. Is it left hand crank or right hand? Just had a look and the cranks feel tight but you can hold the pedals and the bottom bracket wobbles up and down in the hole in the frame. I guess something could be tightened up but I'm not sure what, if any, damage that movement will have done to the bottom bracket or the frame itself?

Right OK, so look at the bottom bracket - looking at it as if you were riding it, is there a gap between the bottom loose bottom bracket mountain bike shell should either be silver or black and the BB shell in the frame?

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News:Mar 18, - The Allston is the first Montague folding bike to offer a carbon belt drive in the crank toward the back of the bike and loosen the belt tension.

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